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 [Holiday Sale]Realistic 20'' Sadie Black African American Reborn Toddler Baby Doll Girl- So Truly Lifelike Baby - Reborndollsshop.com-Reborndollsshop®

20'' Raven

 [New Series]20" Super Lovely Lifelike Handmade Cloth Smile Reborn Toddler Baby Twins Boys and Girls Wartter & Maiya - Reborndollsshop.com-Reborndollsshop®

20'' Yannick

 Reborn Doll Elijah 17.5" Super Realistic Handmade Awake Weighted Reborn NewbornBaby Boy Doll Bert - Reborndollsshop.com-Reborndollsshop®

17'' Elijah

 20'' Carmeny Realistic Soft Baby Girl Doll With Brown Hair Pouting Little Toddlers - Reborndollsshop.com-Reborndollsshop®

20'' Grace

 20" Super Realistic Skin Silicone Reborn Baby Girl Dolls Becky,Great Value Reborn Doll Set with Clothes and Pacifier with "Heartbeat" and Sound - Reborndollsshop.com-Reborndollsshop®

20'' Rosalie

 17" Best Doll For Realism Cute Eyes Opened Reborn Newborn Girl Named Habiba with Clothes - Reborndollsshop.com-Reborndollsshop®

17'' Meadow